Our guests love to sit on the patio in the cottage garden to enjoy the views and to watch the most spectacular sunsets. It is also a great place for star gazing on an autumn or winter’s night. The patio at the back or the cottage faces North West so is the best place to sit from late morning and into the evening to enjoy the sun.





Here you can hear the lapwings in spring or the swallows in summer. Watch the hares boxing and the lambs playing in the field in springtime.

We provide a very sturdy table made from recycled plastic and two armchairs, plus four lighter weight chairs. We discovered that the recycled plastic chairs are quite heavy. The table is designed so that a wheelchair or seats can be comfortably  placed at either end too.

We provide seat cushions, parasol, barbecue and additional seats if you need them.

There are blackcurrant and Tayberry bushes so that you may enjoy the fruits in summer

At the front of the cottage is a lovely area where we  encourage wild flowers to grow for butterflies and bees. It is a great place to sit in the morning and in the afternoon sun.

Front of the house seating area outside
Front of the house seating area. Ideal for morning and afternoon sun.



There is a secure fenced grassy area too and fields beyond. We think the best thing about sitting out here is the peace and quiet and the gorgeous views.