Ashgill Force waterfall.

When we joined Nurture Eden we sponsored an Ashgill Force waterfall walk guide. The guide below gives details on how to get to Ashgill Force (waterfall) from Isaac’s Byre. Scroll down on pages 3-4. The pub has closed at the moment. But Garrigill still has a post office and general store and artists studio. 
Ashgill waterfall is set in an historic lead mining area. There are old pit entrances and washing floor close to the waterfall. There were stepping stones across Ashgill but there are now sturdy wooden footbridges. As the name suggests the area is full of ash trees. If you approach quietly you may be lucky enough to see red squirrels. 
If you are adventurous you could take part in guided gorge walking (gill scrambling). These and other activities can take part here. No need to go over to the Lakes for adventure. Ask us for details or contact Endless adventure
Ideal for families and for groups of friends.



> Download a PDF of the Nurture Eden Garrigill Doorstep Guide