How to be more eco-friendly by using less plastic

There is a lot of information around at the moment on how to be more eco-friendly. One way is trying to cut down on single use plastic. We appreciate that not all ideas to cut down on single use plastic are feasible when away on holiday. You want to spend as much time as you can having fun and not too much time cooking from scratch. But we do have some interesting ideas on how to cut down a bit whilst still having fun and not eating into your holiday fun time. And if you can’t manage to do them whilst on holiday maybe you want to try them out at home.

Cling film

It is possible to buy biodegradable cling film from Bacofoil. It does take a very long time to break down in the environment so we prefer to use other ways to cover food. One thing we do to cut down on single use plastic is to pop a small plate or bowl over the food you want to heat up and then put it into the microwave. Another easy swap is to cover cakes and other food on plates with a bowl or a net cover which we supply.

Plastic food bags

Sometimes you have left over food. You don’t want to waste it by throwing it away so you pop it into the fridge or freezer for another meal. You can either put it into one of the plastic tubs or glass jars which we supply, or put it into one of the bowls and cover with a plate. If it is something that you want to take home with you you can again pop it into one of the plastic tubs or put it into a glass jar. You are welcome to take any of the reused plastic tubs and glass jars with you when you go home. If you want to freeze food in a glass jar make sure you leave some space at the top for the food to expand when frozen.

Shows jars of home made cauliflower rice. No plastic bags.
Cutting down on single use plastic. Using glass jars for storing frozen food.

Cutting down on single use plastic when shopping.

We have asked the butcher in Haltwhistle, the Wholefood shop and the green grocer to allow us to take our own containers for food. We take bags to the greengrocer and he happily uses them, meaning that he doesn’t need to use plastic bags. The butcher will weigh out meat and pop it into your own container. We buy our meat in this way regularly.
If you ask at the wholefood shop they will show you which products are wrapped in biodegradable film and will also sell you cheese wrapped in grease-proof paper instead of plastic.

Morrison’s supermarket will also sell meat and fish to you in your own containers, plus any items from the deli counter.

We supply a selection of shopping bags and cool bag in the cottage for your use.